3D HOUSE design

Experience your new home in 3D today!

Ready for the excitement of building your own home? Have you started working your way through hundreds of house plans from local builders just to try and find the right home for you and your family? Are all these floor plans starting to look alike and are you not ready yet to spend thousands of $$ on a deposit just because you struggle to visualise what your winning 2D floor plan will actually feel and look like once the walls go up?

Here at 3D Home Impressions, I can convert a 2D floor plan into a 3 dimensional house design and offer you a chance to walk through your future home before there is even a brick in sight! I can also offer recommendations on how to improve your floor plan to suit your needs and visit you on-site to give advice on how implement cost-effective measure to ensure the enjoyment of living in your new home in the future.

Let me help you feel confident that you are building the perfect home from walls, doors & windows, all the way through to colour selection and even styling.

​All of this... without the cost of an expensive architect!!!

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Toowoomba Queensland Australia

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