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House & Interior design is not just about making rooms look good, there needs to be a sense of attraction.

Making a space attractive and giving you the feeling of wanting to spend time in it defines great design. 


Whether you are looking for help with floor plan design for a renovation or new home, creating an interior space for your home or some custom home styling tips, we would love to work with you.

3D Home Impressons

Both house and interior design has many aspects to consider. At 3D Home Impressions, we believe that making a space attractive and suitable for whatever purpose, has 3 Dimensions:

1. Function

A space is designed for a specific purpose. It could be an office, bedroom or living room. This purpose, be it for example work, sleep or relax, requires  it to function in a way that helps you perform certain tasks in a specific way and in a specific mood.

First of all, a space needs to be functional so it can successfully reach its potential and purpose.

2. Comfort

You don't want to spend a lot of time in a space that is not designed well for its purpose. However, even a well designed space should be furnished in a way that makes you as a person feel comfortable and happy.

A comfortable environment can improve your productivity in an office space but also help you sleep well in a nice bedroom or relax in a cosy living area.

3. Aesthetic

Attractive and aesthetically pleasing furnishings and fixtures are used as a tool to achieve both Function and Comfort.

Furniture and lighting needs to be functional, but should at the same time make a space feel comfortable. If the items have nice visual or tactile features that suit the activity and mood you are trying to create, the space been designed well.


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