Why the Bower Bird?

I am part of nature, and nature is a part of me. Animals have been a passion throughout my life. That is something that will never change.


So, when I was designing the logo for my business, I felt it needed to relate back to my love for animals. It had to show people that in my design work, nature and animals will always be part of my inspiration and the mood I try to create. I love the idea that part of my creative designs relates back to this great passion. I mean, the reason I feel that our house is our home is because of the nature inspired decor keeps me calm, centred and happy.

Source: http://nnimgt-a.akamaihd.net/transform/v1/crop/frm/8bGEiHWLyUjrk3bpemiXyX/5e370a39-6703-4a79-a3a6-a195d30936f6.jpg/r0_214_4180_2564_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg
Source: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-opmljoA2oYM/VOyJmoxyLTI/AAAAAAAAAVM/qLQK4NcTtG4/s1600/bowerbird.jpg
Source: http://www.martinwillisphotographs.com.au/files/media/thumbcache/253/04d/93b/satin-bowerbird-mrw-9406.jpg

Thinking long and hard about a suitable animal that could represent my house and interior design business, I was scrolling through the net trying to find my partner in crime. And then... I stumbled upon the Satin Bower Bird! 

This truly creative Aussie native bird is not only an absolute master craftsman, nope, it is a design specialist. They build little homes and then decorate them with colourful objects and flowers that reflect match their style! How cool is that?

Reading up on their symbolism, I also learned about the Bower Birds' deeper meaning and what they represent:

"Bower birds are incredibly intelligent and creative birds. They are known for their ability to build and maintain extensive, elaborate and attractive bowers. These bowers are built by the male to attract the female, The Satin Bower bird seems to prefer the colour blue, and will decorate its bower with blue pieces of glass, blue pegs, pen lids and flowers, as well as many other blue items that reflect its tastes.

Bower bird can help you to learn to how to accept joy, positivity and gifts from others while also learning how to accept yourself.

Materialism has its downsides, but at the same time, it is also possible to nourish the spirit with positive materialism. Look at the gifts that you have received from others over the years, what is important to you, what do they reflect about you and your environment.

Sometimes it's important to enjoy a little (sense of) luxury. Consciously take the time to examine the objects that you value and the gifts within yourself that are important. We can only enjoy a little bit of luxury if we take the time to become aware of it.

These birds invest so much time and energy into their bowers, there is an emphasis on making and decorating a home. Granted a bower bird's bower isn't a 'home' (or nest), it does place considerable emphasis on decorating, maintaining and creating a space that you care about and want to spend a lot of time within.

The bower bird teaches us to celebrate our gifts, and the gifts of others, and not just on a material level. We are all people that possess varying gifts and abilities that can be used in some way to nourish our own spirits, and the spirits of others.

The female bower bird represent motherhood, and how to be more selective about environment, home, partner, and friendships to maximise spiritual nourishment. She can also be integral for teaching one how to learn how to accept.

The male bower bird is often more concerned with aesthetics, creation and maintenance of creation, and how to give more freely."

Symbolism source: www.wildspeak.com


Toowoomba Queensland Australia