There are literally hundreds of aspects to consider when designing your own home. You obviously want to make sure your new house is going to suit your requirements and lifestyle in the best way possible.

At 3D Home Impressions, I can help you navigate your way through the basic and more obscure aspects of your floor plan and house design.

I focus on Function, Comfort and Aesthetics as the three dimensions in both my interior and house plan designs to create a balanced and harmonious living or work environment. I believe all three dimensions are intertwined. So, to create the right foundation for achieving balance and harmony in your new home, we start with discussing the function of each living space you and your family needs.

Let me help you get the house you always wanted!

3D Home Impressions currently offers two types of floor/house plan service. My Online Floor Plan Design service is available Australia wide. This service is completely online and communicate via email or phone if necessary. Click below for more information about this option.

If you happen to live in the Toowoomba, QLD region, I also offer a Floor Plan Design Consultation. Although very similar to the online version, this service also adds the luxury of discussing your floor plan in person. We can meet and talk about your personal needs as well as visiting your future house site and take full advantage of reviewing the plot in person.

Ever heard for a floor/house plan design service? This unique service is completely designed to benefit (first-time) home builders, new home owners and renovators that are hesitant to get started with their project simply because they struggle to visualise their new home from a flat piece of paper. So, what if I can take those worries away? With plenty of experience, I can completely understand how hard it can be to see the bigger picture. At 3D Home Impressions, I can talk you through the functionality of your design project. I'd love to help you out and discuss floor plan layout options, window & door placement suggestions, room layout & room sizing optimisation, or ever review your new house block for house positioning options. Only YOU know exactly what you need help with.

Online House Plan Design

With the Online House Plan Design service, everything is digital, including our communication. I simply send you a questionnaire to get to know you and your requirements. When you send back the questionnaire and your chosen builder's floor plan, I will work my magic. Once complete and depending on which design package you choose, you will receive a revised floor plan that matches your requirements and 3D Visuals of your new home. The revised plans will all come with dimensions, ready to take to your builder for official drafting. The 3D Visuals can be as extensive as you require to visualise the rooms in your new home! 

Local House Plan Design

Very similar to my Online House Design option, my full house plan design service is specially designed for residents of the Toowoomba region, within approx. 1 hour drive of Toowoomba. Offering all the aspects of my Online services with two distinct added features of meeting face-to-face to discuss your needs, as well as a very cool On-Site house plot assessment option where I review optimal house positioning.

Custom House Plan Design

Always remember that 3D Home Impressions is flexible to work around your needs. So, if my Online or Local House Plan Design service don't quite give you what you need, there is always the flexibility to mix and match each service or contact me directly for a quote. I am always more than happy to discuss your needs and put together a custom package that suits your needs and budget.

In order to create the perfect home, sometimes a little help can go a long way. I would love to work with you to make sure all aspects of your new home's floor plan are carefully analysed and optimise the enjoyment of living there. I have divided my house plan design services into 3 easy steps.


questionnaire,  Consultation & Follow-up

I have a questionnaire for everyone! Whether we converse online or are meeting face-to-face for my full house plan design service, I will always have a few questions.

To be able to help you get the home you want, I have to get to know you and/or your family a bit better and understand your needs. There are a few personal questions in there regarding your lifestyle and how you occupy your home, but it is all part of getting things right for you and your family. If the thought of that makes you feel uncomfortable, having me around may not be the best solution for you. The only way I can really give you the house you are struggling to realise, is if I really know what you want and need. If you only tell me half of what I need to know, you may only get half of what you wanted. Are you unsure about what to think of this, please feel free to contact me first to learn more about what I need to know.



Now that you have chosen a house plan that works with your budget and the block of land you want to build on, it is time to fine-tune the floor plan to suit your needs and lifestyle. It can be a daunting task to start moving internal walls on paper, creating all these boxes within a bigger box, trying to puzzle your way to the perfect home for you and your family. A common struggle is visualising how these spaces feel and what they look like in 3D.


My House Plan Design service takes all these worries away. Once I receive back your questionnaire and you have supplied me with your chosen house plan, I will start revising it to suit you and your family best. Based on the services you are after, I usually create 1 or 2 revised plans for you to choose from. Depending on the service I can include 2D or 3D furniture to the rooms for additional visuals. All finalised floor plans will come with all dimensions your builder's draftsmen need to draw up official construction drawing for your new home.


3d visuals (optional)

Getting clients to visualise plans and ideas isn't always easy. Even mood boards and inspirational images can only do so much. Many of my clients love my 3D Visual service. It is an optional service that is available for all my PREMIUM & ULTIMATE design service packages and allows you to see your newly designed space through high quality images and in some situations even videos. You cannot be more sure about how your space will look than once you see your own home on screen in 3D!

All 3D Visuals are created with high-quality software designed to make realistic images. All products displayed in the images are to scale and match the sizes of the products you already have or are planning to purchase. Currently the 3D products in these images may not be the exact items that will occupy the space upon completion of the build or renovations. They are merely a visual to help imagine what your new home will look. LEARN MORE...

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