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If there is one thing that 3D Home Impressions has to offer, it is definitely Flexibility! I have several ready-to-go service packages available, however I always encourage my clients to really think about their needs, communicate them to me and from that, put together a custom service package that suits you personally.

Most of you probably already know a bit about Interior Design but if you are not quite sure what kind of service you require for your project, have a look below. I will explain a little bit about the different types of services I offer and what my process is with regards to Interior Design.

Online Interior Design (E-Design)

Ever heard of this wonderful new development in Interior Design called Online Interior Design (also known as E-Design)? This simplified, cost-effective Interior Design service has only been around for a few years and makes my interior design services available to pretty much everyone in Australia and even abroad! I offer this service on a "per room", or "entire house" rate and is accessible to anyone in the world. Although, my main focus is Australia as that is the country I live in.

The difference between regular interior design services and E-Design, is that it does not require me to come to your home. Everything is digital, including our communication.

Local Interior Design

My local interior design service offers an added bonus to residents of the Toowoomba region, within approx. 1 hour drive from Toowoomba. Offering all the aspects of my Online Interior Design services with two distinct added features of meeting face-to-face to discuss your needs, as well as a very cool On-Site Styling option where I come to style your space for/with you.

Custom Interior Design

Always remember that 3D Home Impressions is flexible to work around your needs. So, if my Online or Local Interior Design service don't quite give you what you need, there is always the flexibility to mix and match each service or contact me directly for a quote. I am always more than happy to discuss your needs and put together a custom package that suits your needs and budget.


Does this sound like something you are interested in? I have divided both my Interior Design services into 4 easy steps.


questionnaire,  Consultation & Follow-up

I have a questionnaire for everyone! Whether we converse online via the E-Design service or are meeting face-to-face for my full interior design service, I will always have a few questions. To be able to help you get the space or home you want, I have to get to know you and/or your family a bit better and understand your needs. there are a few personal questions in there regarding your lifestyle and family dynamic, but it is all part of getting things right for you and your family. If the thought of that makes you feel uncomfortable, having an interior designer around may not be the best solution for you. The only way I can really give you the spaces you're after, is if I really know what you want and need. If you only tell me half of what I need to know, you may only get half of what you wanted. Are you unsure about what to think of this, please feel free to contact me first to learn more about what I need to know.

Sample Board & Shopping List example.jpg


Mood Board,  Sample board & Shopping List






You probably have heard the term Mood Board before and sort of know what it is. A mood board is a collage of images that is designed to set a particular mood. They can be created for many different purposes, however in Interior Design, it is a fantastic tool that every Interior Designer like myself uses to help a client understand what I have in mind for their space. The images are only to set the mood and see if my client likes my ideas.

A Sample Board is a slightly more unusual term and many people think it's the same as a Mood Board. It actually isn't. Unlike a mood board, a sample board may look similar but actually only shows images of products that I as a designer, or you as a client can actually purchase where you live. 

In my Interior Design services and based on which services you are after, I usually create 1-2 Mood Boards for you based on your questionnaire. You then get to choose your preferred style or "mood", and from that I will then create a Sample Board and Shopping List. The shopping list will has a product list & their specifications, all sourced with care from different stores to help you stay within budget.


3d visuals (optional)

Getting clients to visualise plans and ideas isn't always easy. Even mood boards and inspirational images can only do so much. Many of my clients love my 3D Visual service. It is an optional service that is available for all my PREMIUM & ULTIMATE design service packages and allows you to see your newly designed space through high quality images and in some situations even videos. You cannot be more sure about how your space will look than once you see your own home on screen in 3D!

All 3D Visuals are created with high-quality software designed to make realistic images. All products displayed in the images are to scale and match the sizes of the products you already have or are planning to purchase. Currently the 3D products in these images may not be the exact items you are purchasing, however will be as close as possible to the style, shape and colour of the eventual furniture on your shopping list. LEARN MORE...


Shopping,  Styling  &  Project  Completion


When you order one of my interior design services, you have the freedom to decide how much of my involvement you want/need. If you enjoy the idea of shopping for the finishing touches, like to style the space yourself without any further advice, that is no problem at all. Do you want to restyle your space as quick and hassle-free as possible, I also have the option to provide styling advice. This is basically a document you receive along with your shopping list to help you through the fun process of staging your new spaces yourself like a pro! If your design package includes 3D Visuals, I will use those visuals to show you exactly where the actual products will be positioned.

If you choose the Local Interior Design Service and live in or near Toowoomba (QLD), I also offer a fun On-Site Styling service where I come to your home and decorate your space(s) for or with you.

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